MaryHillMailboxPlease join local artist Mary Hill on Zoom for a playful art romp centered on a Mailbox Theme.  There are several ways to take part using supplies that you have at home.  Some ideas are:  1) Paint your actual mailbox!  2) Paint a picture of a mailbox in any medium. 3) Sketch an envelope back and front and draw a picture on it. 4) Decorate a card and envelope to send to a friend you miss. Tuesday, June 16, 12:30-2:30pm. Registration required. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register.

Supplies that would be useful include:  paper, envelopes of any size, a mailbox, printed-out line drawings of mailboxes from Google images, crayons, watercolors, house paint, paintbrushes, pencil and pens, potatoes and/or a sponge, rags or paper towels. This fun class is open to folks of any artistic level and there will be plenty of time for questions.

Examples of Mary’s work can be found on her website,

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“The Poetry of Fabric”

Mary Hill

June 2020


Like little Haiku poems,

layered with meaning, these fabric collages,

bring another way of seeing the world.

Another way of viewing material.

Sketches, organizing my world in a new order.

Picking from the scrap bag...suddenly, a framed piece! 

This piece is 5” x5” made with a weathered  tibetan prayer flag. The hot pink reminds me of bright signs of possibilities and hope. Draping the multi colored yarn across the little square reminded me of the way peace flags wave in the wind.

Another 5” x 5” square, this one is also made with a worn out tibetan peace flag. The tinfoil from a good chocolate bar, handmade paper and thread pieces of sailcloth from my Dad’s boat.  Working in a 5 inch space pushed me to make decisions about where these random items would “land” and then, stitching them together with thread. Kind of like our families in the shelter in place mode!

Another in the 5” x 5” series using the tibetan prayer flag. The random and patterned stitching  is both decorative and chaotic. Yarn, pink taffeta, tuille, ragged tibetan prayer flag.

10” x 12 “ hand painted muslin with stitched on fabric pieces. I wanted the feeling to be bright, almost like a cartoon. Fantasy flowers emerged in the landscape and made me laugh. The piece looks like a page in a children's book. Fabric, watercolor, shiny thread.

The black and white grid is 10” x 10” and started with a piece of fabric I bought at a quilt show. Adding small squares of color, pins and stitching made for a modern abstract, reminiscent of a street layout (Manhattan...not Boston!!!). Fabric, pins, embroidery thread, fabric, plastic circle.

The birds were painted with fabric and watercolor paint. The big orangey leaves are stitched on hand printed paper. An old postage stamp and some colorful fabric scraps make the ground much more interesting than  plain old grass! 12’’x 14” canvas, paper, thread, old stamp.

This red barn follows me wherever I go. While I didn’t grow up on a farm, I did grow up in Vermont. Driving by red barns built on green fields...the artist in me is always moved by the sight. Deciding to interrupt my “usual” landscape I painted a face on the land and made the typical green field a chaotic mat of thread scraps. The moon watches over the whole crazy thing, peacefully, but interested. 14” x 12’  high made from canvas, marbleized fabric, thread and acrylic paint. 

To hear more of Mary’s story and see her other works of art please visit her website: