slimeGet ready for the chemistry of grossness and ickiness as you discover the science of body-associated smells and other vile substances. Eeew!  Do your own gummy worm experiment! Online via Zoom. Pre-K through 5th grade. Saturday, June 20, 10am -11am. Register here to register to receive Zoom link. Only one registration per family required. Williston and St. George residents are given priority. Patrons from other towns will be put on a wait-list.

For those who register, below is a list of ingredients you'll need to be a mad scientist! Collect these before the program to participate.

For Franken Worms:
- 2 clear glass bowls or cups/glasses
- 2-3 Gummy worms
- Scissors
- Baking soda
- Vinegar
For Make Your Own Mucus:
- Hot water (from electric kettle or teapot)
- Large fork
- ½ cup measuring cup
- Light corn syrup
- Packets of gelatin
- A plate to put the mucus on
For Cheesy Chemistry:
- A mason jar (or similar) (a bowl will also work)
- 2 cups of milk
- 1 cup of vinegar
- Stirring rod or similar (large serving spoon)
- Food coloring